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Noelle Marie HEALTH

It's time to put yourself first.

I work with people to help them achieve their health goals and improve their overall well being. My programs are customized to each unique client. My goal is to help you find balance through sustainable habits. With a focus on functional nutrition, we will also incorporate the importance of the mind, body and soul connection through three core pillars:






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The reset


A 4-week program for those looking to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle through subtle, but sustainable changes.

the shift


A 12-week program for those who have a strong desire to experience a true transformation through consistently implementing healthy changes.



Get personalized and actionable health recommendations based on your DNA.

Since I was a teen, I had always targeted a career in health care. Having experienced grief at a very young age after seeing loved ones battle with auto-immune disease, cancer and depression, I wanted to learn as much as possible about preventative health.
In 2016, I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition and was determined to lead a healthier lifestyle. In 2017, I became a mother and quickly learned why maternal health is so very important.
Since then, I have set out on a mission to help people heal and thrive through private sessions, group coaching and workshops. My programs are customized to the individual needs and lifestyle of each client, to help them build the foundation for well-being and gain the knowledge to make consistent, healthy choices for the long term.


Meet Noelle

CLIENT testimonials

"Noelle was an amazing coach to work with! She literally pinpointed my problem areas during our first session and worked with me on a plan to correct them. She is professional, kind, incredibly understanding and graceful. She kickstarted my journey to self-care and helped me to get to the next level. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to reset their health. She is it. Hands down."

- L.M.

"Not only does Noelle give incredible nutrition insights and suggestions, but she makes them easy and accessible to your life! She took the time to get to know me intimately so that we could make a plan and create a lifestyle that worked best for me!”

- P.M.

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